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What Makes Clean Fuel Different


Bars have been the go-to form for energy snacks since…forever.

While there's nothing wrong with bars - we still eat them and love them - pouches offer a lot of things that bars can't.

But pouches are only one part of what makes Clean Fuel different.


There are a lot of nasty ingredients in most foods for athletes. What we leave out of our products is just as important as what we put in.

We start with natural and organic ingredients. As a rule of thumb, if a child can’t pronounce it, we won’t include it.

Every ingredient has a purpose, and ours are chosen for their natural performance qualities, flavor and sustainability. The energy they offer athletes comes from real food, not artificial additives.


Most sports food tastes like candy. We've created an alternative.

We worked with a classically trained chef to create Clean Fuel, and make each snack something to look forward to. The flavor of our products comes from the natural flavors of their ingredients, like fruit, not artificial additives or sugar.

We want to make fueling for exercise a delicious experience.


We’re here to help every athlete perform at their very best. Each snack is a purposeful combination of ingredients, created with the help of some really smart sports nutritionists, to deliver the nutrients athletes need, in the right way, at the right time.


Our aim with Clean Fuel was to offer athletes the next best thing to a home-made energy snack, but one that can be eaten anywhere.

Pouches make that possible. With a natural shelf life of six months, they can be stored in a cycling shirt, gym bag, ski jacket or desk draw until needed.


We create all of our products so that they don’t need refrigeration, and have a natural shelf life of at least 6 months. We achieve this by using ingredients with natural preservative qualities, and through our manufacturing process.


Each pouch is just under 6 inches high, 3.5 inches wide and around an inch thick. In other words, stashable.


The contents of a pouch are semi-liquid, which makes for a snack that’s easier to eat on the go, or after a workout. There's little or no chewing required.


Our pouches are the same ones used for baby food. Having survived use by children for many years, they can comfortably survive most of abuse athletes will give them.

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