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Naturally Shelf-Stable

Clean Fuel has a shelf life of one year, and does not need refrigeration until opened.

We don’t use any preservatives to achieve this, just the right mix of organic ingredients, and the right manufacturing process.

There are two reasons we chose to make Clean Fuel naturally shelf-stable.


Clean Fuel has to be ready to eat wherever and whenever athletes need energy. That means it has to survive anything from 2 hours in a cycling shirt pocket, to two weeks on a back country camping trip, to two months in a gym bag.

And it doesn’t just survive those uses, it does it while tasting great, with nothing artificial.


“Naturally shelf-stable” is more sustainable in two ways:

  1. It eliminates the need for refrigerated transport and cold storage, which lowers the carbon footprint of each snack.
  2. It helps reduce food waste. American households throw out 150,000 tons of food per day, equal to 1 pound per person. It is a waste of the food, but also the resources required to grow, process, transport and package it. By preserving food, shelf stable products help us use more of what is grown, and less of those resources.
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